Protecting freedom of the press and anonymity of whistleblowers

Fort Knox of cloud applications gives journalists and their sources a secure, private bubble to communicate and transfer files.

  • 555 NUMBERS

    555 NUMBERS

    No need for TOR and encrypted email. Communicate and receive files securely via anonymous get2Clouds 555 number. Publish 555 number under byline as anonymous tip-off contact.


    No need to register any personal details and we don’t monetize your data. We do not see any of the data in the cloud. The app functions using bare minimum permissions. Full anonymity guaranteed.


    Files secured with AES 256-bit encryption and sent via a secure channel (https). Encrypt data on your server or in the cloud. Fast and secure large file transfers, manage confidential records.


    Create unique and anonymous secure messenger and tip-off app for your news outlet can be branded and available for your journalists and sources to download from all major app stores.

Supporting journalism in the digital age

The online world gives journalists unprecedented scope to investigate and report on issues of public interest, but challenges regarding privacy and safety of sources are the flipside of the digital coin. Surveillance, data retention, cyber attacks, expanded and broad antiterrorism measures, and national security laws can over-reach the freedom of the press. UNESCO cite these measures as eroding the protection for journalist sources who reveal sensitive information in the public interest, but who could expose themselves to serious risks and pressures for doing so. This chills whistle blowing, undermines public access to information, and scourges the democratic role of the media.

Boasting secure large file transfer, secure cloud sync, the securest E2E encrypted messenger and more, get2Clouds is an easy-to-use application that safely sends data where it needs to go and lets journalists and their sources communicate away from preying eyes.


  • No registration necessary
  • 555 number for direct anonymous and secure communication
  • Communicate, cloud sync, transfer large file in one encrypted bubble
  • Fast, secure file transfers of unlimited size and of all kinds on the go
  • Compatible with all major cloud providers
  • Transfer via the integrated encrypted messenger or email
  • Optional self-destructing messages
  • Easy-to-use drag and drop function
  • Mobile and desktop application, use across multiple devices