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Take back your cloud

Encrypt and sync your cloud provider, transfer large files, chat in secure messenger

Available for Windows, Android and iOS.
For Windows
For Android
For iOS
Why get2Clouds

Why get2Clouds®

All-in-one encrypted bubble

E2E Secured messenger service
Encrypt and sync your personal cloud files
No SIM card needed
Protected and fast large file transfer across all platforms
Optional self-destructing messages
E2E encrypted messenger with personalized password option
Anonymous 555 Number
Create '555' number for anonymity or on SIM-less device
Set the time you want your messages to be delivered
Facecheck® function. See who's opening messages
Data is encrypted using AES with a key size of 256 bits
Set time to send message, and optional self-destructing messages
Free for personal use
Free for personal use
Secure messenger get2Clouds
Secure messenger, secure cloud, secure large file transfer—get2Clouds® is a one-stop solution to protect your intellectual property in the cloud. Every action that takes place in the secure bubble of get2Clouds® is encrypted, and it comes with a host of unique features making it an unparalleled solution to protect your company and client data.
Easily sync get2Clouds® to encrypt data with your favourite cloud provider, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, SugarSync, MagentaCloud
Google drive
Microsoft one drive
get2Clouds® offers a triple line of defense with end-to-end (E2E) encrypted data, sent via an E2E encrypted socket layer, that can be protected with a personalized password. This makes interception or access to the data impossible by anyone other than the user. Even we cannot intercept it. With zero knowledge, nobody but the user can decrypt the data.
get2Clouds® app is available for Android and iOS so it's even easier for you to send encrypted files and chat securely on-the-go.
get2Clouds® app Encrypt, share and chat. Take back your cloud.
Large File Transfer
Take back your cloud | get2Clouds®

Download get2Clouds®

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Encrypt, sync and send secure files through your Cloud

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Available in iOS

How It Works?

This FREE software works in conjunction with your existing cloud provider. It encrypts the data using AES 256 encryption and sends it via a secure https socket layer. This double E2E encryption makes access to the data impossible by anyone other than the user. Users of get2Clouds® can be sure their data and intellectual property is secure. Even we cannot access it. Commercial versions tailored to business storage needs and are available.