Cloud Security Threats


As data goes serverless and cloud computing takes off, security has become more important than ever.

Although the cloud has brought with it many advantages, and clouds are used in schools, government institutions, hospitals and business sectors, there are also a few things we should be careful of when it comes to data security and cloud computing.

Clouds for Education


The cloud has become an ubiquity, and it is transforming not only the way we do business but now also the way we learn too.

Training and education has been made both more affordable and more widely accessible by the introduction and implementation of the cloud.

EU Cloud Security


The European Commission is making considerations to give investigative authorities quick access to data in clouds controlled by US providers.

What could this mean for data privacy and cloud security?

Cyber Threats To Your Business


Cloud computing has become the glue for companies which use BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), it gives employees the chance to work remotely and access company files from any location (which increases productivity), bringing the ability to connect to and manipulate corporate networks and assets through a laptop or smartphone. This, plus increasingly popular pieces of wearable tech and Internet of Things devices companies and their employees take to using, means there are always more places that cyber criminals can choose to target.