Smart Skin: The Next Step in Communication Technology?


Data security: E-skins and Technological Tattoos

In 1996 just 2 people in every one hundred owned a mobile phone, today this number has been turned on its head: 2 in every one hundred don’t own a mobile phone. For so many of us, our mobile phones have taken over our lives. We’ve become so attached to our cell phones that the idea of attaching them to us doesn’t seem so far-fetched.

The future of changing passwords with your eyes,voice and thoughts


Berkley has invented a sensor that can read your thoughts

University of California, Berkeley has invented a electrode that is strapped on to the head. A black headband holds a connector to your forehead and presses another to your earlobe, which then reads your brain's electric signals and sends them to a nearby laptop.

Sounds far-fetched ?

An experiment was carried out and James Martin from CNET went down to Berkley.

EU approves new investment on cyber security


1.8 Billion Euros expected in new cyber security for the EU by 2020

The EU Commission has signed an agreement today that'll have member states funding and working together with private groups on cyber security. The specifics aren't disclosed yet but the known details are that the EU has put together 450 million Euros, which will be distributed in the coming years to businesses, universities, and other researchers who are interested in investigating immediate cyber security problems.

High-Speed Internet to hit every house in the states by 2020- Clinton


SAN FRANCISCO-Tech's favorite presidential candidate is Hillary Clinton.

She released a tech plan that is highly favorable to the tech industry. It calls for connecting every U.S household to high-speed internet by 2020, the key difference is supporting net neutrality rules, which ban internet providers from blocking or slowing down content.

Eponymous self-optimizing WiFi system


Plume has introduced its eponymous self-optimizing WIFI system for your house.

It basically adapts to provide the fastest network to various devices in the house

They recommend one pod per room and connecting space, like any cable DSL modem or any other modem/router combination. You just download the Plume app on Android or IOS device to activate the system. It does work with your existing routers, but they recommend installing their pods. The pods cost $39 and, later on, $49.

Nokia planning a comeback


Nokia to start making new Android devices

Nokia, has just annouced today that they will be releasing new phones and have licensed their brand to a new Finnish company called Global HMD. HMD plans to sell new Android phones under the Nokia brand name.

While Microsoft, who previously acquired Nokia's phone line in 2014, have sold the phone line to Foxconn's FIH, HMD will be making the phones for FIH and carrying the Nokia brand name.