Keep Cloud Expenses Down


As cloud computing becomes the norm across all kinds of industries, companies should be coming up with strategies for optimizing the use of their cloud environment.


Otherwise, instead of increasing productivity, bettering how resources are used and saving time and money, cloud computing can instead cause costs to go up.


When using the cloud members of staff who have access can tend to start to consume more than intended, which drives up costs and makes cloud management difficult.

Data Security


By 2016, the worldwide data security market is expected to grow to almost $90 billion in total value. Security is big business, and it should be.


The more complex the technology that businesses utilize the more critical data security becomes. Businesses that are directly involved in technology, cloud service providers, and internet service providers all have a vested interest in maintaining the security of their data.


Moving to the Cloud


More and more businesses from all industries have been making the move to cloud computing, or considering making the move. Many are already making use of the cloud, and the technology looks set to be the norm for all types of companies.

Top tips to help businesses use the cloud securely


Most organizations today embrace the speed and flexibility that using the cloud as a service offers.

Even those companies who remain out of the cloud will often find that people in their network access cloud services in one way or another.

Employees who work from home or external partners may use DropBox and Gmail accounts for file sharing or collaboration, making it almost impossible for any sizable organization to stay completely cloud-free.