Clouds and Cyber Security in Business


Organisation and approach are two very important things when it comes to cyber security in business. Since the whole world has gone digital, it has become harder and harder to ensure the privacy of private documents and customer data.

Whilst the internet has meant improved efficiency, better collaboration, new opportunities for growth and the ability to share huge quantities of information every day, it has also brought with it an increased threat.

Ethical Dilemmas in Technology


As new technologies are created, with them comes a whole bunch of ethical questions and dilemmas.

Fantasy and science-fiction can provide fuel for debate, but technologies in popular culture are but imagined predictions. In the real world, we must look at the possible implications of existing innovations which stand before us.

Cloud Catastrophes


Missteps, outages and security breaches can have massive implications for businesses who are involved.

Cloud deployment failures can lead to more than just financial problems for the firms themselves, they can mean a loss of customer trust, loyalty and even result in customers losing money and important data too.

Data Security Steps


The Internet of Things (IoT) means nowadays everything from your toaster to your doorbell can be hacked.

Take these steps to ramp up your security regime and ensure your privacy both in your working life and at home.