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Large File Transfer

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Take back your cloud with total security

(everything in the cloud is automatically encrypted before it leaves your PC)

One of the biggest concerns about cloud computing is security and privacy. get2clouds® solves this issue by encrypting the data twice - by using RC4 encryption and then sending the data via a secure socket layer (https). The end-to-end (E2E) Encryption provided by get2clouds® makes interception or access to the data by anyone other than the user impossible. Not even the host or cloud provider can read the files. Users of get2clouds® can be sure that their intellectual property and other sensitive data will be safe and secure at all times.

For commercial versions, additional stronger proprietary encryption (replacing RC4 encryption) is available.

Safely (encrypted) transfer large files

With get2clouds® you can safely transfer very large files to your clients and friends. When transferring a file, get2clouds® automatically generates an email to the recipient with a download link which consequently starts the download. For safety reasons, the password has to be transmitted separately.
Use Cases

Highest data security and fast and efficient data transfers

get2clouds® solutions are very versatile and are used by clients of all sizes and industries including software and hardware companies, telecommunication and media companies and global leaders in industrial automation, power, control and information solutions. get2clouds® handles the most complex situations and use cases for our clients, including management of transfers across firewalls and corporate proxies, regardless of the file size.

get2clouds® is fully customizable and can handle unique use cases such as the dynamic creation and distribution of download packages according to user credentials and entitlements while securely and efficiently managing downloads of all sizes and via all connections.

get2clouds® technology can even be integrated into our clients' products and ensure that these products are always up to date without any further user interaction.

The following examples show the use of get2clouds® as a superior communication and collaboration tool for various users to securely sync and access important documents, to keep connected and stay productive.

Large File Exchange

A industry leader in 2D and 3D CAD design, drafting, modelling, and architectural drawing uses get2clouds® to securely transfer their large design files (which are generally larger than 1GB in size) and software updates to its internal divisions and its clients. This can now be done in a much faster and more secure way. Furthermore, it is not necessary to be online at the same time.

Law Firm

Thanks to get2clouds® an international law firm can now store its files and legal documents in the cloud and have them available for easy collaboration with its affiliates, clients and partners. get2clouds® encrypts all data that is transferred to the cloud, offering the highest level of data protection, file security and protecting the user’s intellectual property. Only the user and the intended recipient who receives a file transfer notification can access the content.

Small Businesses

By using get2clouds® small companies can now use the cloud without worrying if they would be breaching any signed NDAs they have in place with large companies or compromising the trust of their clients. As all data is encrypted, nobody but the user can access the data. Furthermore, thanks to get2clouds®, the small company can securely send large files to their clients within seconds, with 100% protection and without the need to have an IT department handle the transfers.

End User concerned about being hacked

get2clouds® is the best solution for a private user who wants to make sure that his important and confidential data is not stolen or hacked in the cloud, such as in previous incidents with Facebook and Twitter. There is no possibility of a security breach because the end user’s data is encrypted and no one else can do anything with it. The data can only be decrypted on the user’s own device.

Intellectual Property

By using get2clouds® a professional photographer can now be sure that he keeps the intellectual property of the pictures he took and the movies he made. This is the case because all data is securely stored in the cloud in an encrypted form and no one except the professional photographer can do anything with it. The client password is needed to decrypt it.

End-User-Trusted Source as Virus Protected

By using get2clouds® and an integrated virus scan the user can trust any source who is using get2clouds® to transfer the data as he could be sure that no harmful data would be sent to him.

Supports major providers

Easily sync get2clouds® in the most secure way possible with Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, SugarSync, Box, and TelekomCloud... with more on the way!
Dropbox, Box, TelekomCloud
Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, SugarSync

get2clouds - Secure & encrypted large file transfer manager