World Cup online scams hitting fever pitch

World cup fever hits internet scammers

The FIFA World Cup is set to kick off in less than two weeks and cyber criminals are pulling out all the stops to score big from ticket hungry fans. Kaspersky Labs have compiled a list of known online World Cup-related scams and it runs the length of a football pitch.  

Cyber crooks have been busy in recent months buying up inexpensive SSL certificates and registering URLs that look legit at first glance, such as russia2018,

Fake ticket wins are the big nut. Email are sent out by supposed event sponsors like Coke, Visa and Microsoft, and usually contain a PDF or other attachment congratulating the recipient on winning free tickets. The attachment can contain a banking Trojan or simply be after your data.

Swindlers are also creating fake FIFA and sponsor sites designed to extract personal and financial data. Fake Visa sites are particularly popular as Visa is a primary sponsor of the event. People are being led to what appears to be official Visa websites where internet fraudsters lay waiting to steal payment card information.

These fake websites can also be home to a whole host of nasty malware that mess up your computer. One of the methods being used is offering a malicious Flash Player which can be used to view the games.

As always, spam peddlers are working overtime too. Recipients are asked to enter phony contests to win trips or tickets. The spammers get a certain amount of contact info like email addresses, which they use to update their databases in order to send out more spam.

Kaspersky has spotted several sites selling fake tickets, and other sites charging ridiculous prices for legitimate tickets. Those searching for tickets on sale should only purchase them at the official FIFA site.

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