Stay alert to online scams on Black Friday and Cyber Monday   


Nothing digests a good Thanksgiving feast better than a potentially violent shopping bonanza. Such is Black Friday, the loved or loathed day of bargains! Originally a US phenomenon, the last Friday of November has become known around the western world as the day of Christmas shopping deals with stores offering bargains that whip shoppers into a riotous frenzy of money spending.  

Since many people love a good deal, but don’t want to risk losing an eye at the store to get one, online shopping seems like a safer alternative, but there are risks there too as cyber criminals bait unsuspecting customers with scams and hacks.

Things to consider when shopping online

  • With many companies sending out emails to entice customers, ensure the email is legitimate. If the email links to websites that are non-secured, using an IP address instead of a domain name it’s a red flag. From here, cybercriminals have complete visibility and control over any details entered into the website.
  • Do not purchase from any websites that do not have encryption. Checking that the site begins with ‘https’ rather than ‘http’. The ‘s’ stands for secure and a green lock should also be visible with green text in the browser address bar to indicate that the site owner has been verified and any credit card information will be protected with encryption.
  • If an email offers a ‘reward’ to complete a survey, the reward will never come and the survey will very likely be used to collect information that can be sold on or posted to the dark web. It compromises your data, putting it at risk of use by other cybercriminals, and could begin a barrage of advertising emails.
  • Beware of impossibly good deals. If it seems too good to be true it usually is. No one offers 90 percent off anything!

If you keep a security savvy eye on your Black Friday shopping you can still enjoy the good deals. And if you treat yourself to a new device, whether you bought it online or won it in an fist fight at the store, remember to pimp it with get2Clouds®—the secure cloud transfer and messenger application from small, independent secure- download management and messaging experts, NOS Microsystems. get2Clouds lets you take back your cloud and protect your data from hackers and big data harvesters.