Facebook wants your nudie pics to combat revenge porn

Facebook wants your nudies

No, the headline’s not a typo, just a ridiculous oxymoron. What’s even more ridiculous is that humans and not artificial intelligence will be responsible for vetting the images sent in by vulnerable people afraid of revenge porn—a hateful act where intimate videos or photos are posted against the person’s will by a malicious ex or stalker.

Facebook has become a hotbed of this. As a preemptive strike, the social media and big data giant is asking users to send their own nude photos or videos directly to themselves via Messenger. A member of Facebook's community operations team will look at the images and make fingerprint of them to prevent them being uploaded again. Facebook will notify the person once the photo has been "hashed' and then it is up to the sender to delete the image. Artificial intelligence will stop the hash value being uploaded again.

It’s insanely insensitive enough to ask a victim of revenge porn, or someone who fears it, to post intimate images of their self to the internet. But to have some Facebook employee fingerprint it, is beyond comprehension. Are Facebook really so far removed from female and human experience that they don’t see the flaws in this plan? Asking Facebook, who famously store and sell every detail of users lives, to protect that photo is like asking a fly to crawl into a spider web for safety.

And if you’re a little paranoid of the surveillance state—like everyone here at NOS Microsystems—you’ll immediately wonder too about Facebook accounts being hacked. Simply if they have the app on their phone, or have log in details stored in the browser, could the image then be retrieved?

The details of the plan are still pretty sketchy. Do people have to upload every photo that could be used against them? Can images be uploaded after they’ve been shared online to stop them from being spread further? Because, surely, people don’t realize they might be a victim of revenge porn at the time of taking risky photos. They do this when they are in love and fully trust the person.

Genuine kudos for Facebook for trying to do something to combat the massive and horrible problem of revenge porn on its site, but expecting women who are afraid of abuse to protect themselves by sending their most private images to some faceless Facebook employee is perhaps the most obnoxious thing I’ve ever heard.

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