Protecting the press and whistleblowers

Protecting the press and whistleblowers

We're big fans of quality journalism here at NOS Microsystems and we are determined to defend privacy in the digital age with the cost free and ad free app, get2Clouds, which is an invaluable tool for journalists and their sources who need to be sure of anonymity and data privacy.

Upon downloading the app users are given a 555 number that they can use to send messages and files anonymously. This means it also works on SIM-less devices. Users can change the number to a more memorable one or use their own phone number, making it easier for contacts to find each other.

Journalists could use their own personalized 555 number under their byline so whistleblowers can send them files and messages directly via the encrypted ecosystem of get2Clouds, without having to worry about interception from hackers or authorities. No need to download Tor and bother about encrypted emails. Just download the multi-platform app.

The internet gives the press unprecedented scope to investigate and report important issues, but surveillance, data retention, cyber attacks, expanded and broad anti-terrorism measures, and national security laws can over-reach the freedom of the press. We want to live in a world where journalists can do their democratic job and whistleblowers can release information that is of public interest without fear.

“I saw the tsunami of cloud computing coming in 1999, and I understood then as I do now that it’s as risky as it is convenient,” commented Oliver Wessling, the CEO of NOS. ”That understanding has informed everything we do at NOS. It’s given us precise knowledge and understanding, and with that we have meticulously designed get2Clouds—the desktop and mobile app that gives users all of the convenience of the cloud, but none of the risks.”

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