Cyber essentials – top 5 things to do to reduce the risk of a cyber breach

cyber security essentials

With constant news of huge corporate data breaches and hackers cracking into vast amounts of user data (and now hacking petrol pumps in Russia), we at get2Clouds thought be might be helpful for you to know ways in which you can reduce your cyber risk right now.


Here are our top 5 things to do to;


1.  Keep your anti-virus and security apps updated

These updates are your protection to the constantly evolving cyber threat.  Kaspersky Labs reported in 2017 that 360,000 new malwares are formed per day!  When you stay up to date with the latest antivirus software and security applications on your computer you will reduce your risk of a data breach. 


2. Don’t clink the link!

Everyone receives them..those annoying spam emails.  Most of the time your email provider will filter them but on the occasion one of whose little critters slips through, do not click that link! 

Cybercriminals have developed ways in getting around such filters using Phishing and Spear Phising tactics.  They obtain your sensitive information such as usernames and passwords and disguise themselves as a trustworthy entity like Apple, Microsoft, PayPal. 

It’s very likely that these emails and links contain malicious malware and many individuals and businesses have fallen victim to these critters.  Always be aware of what you click and check with these companies first for legitimacy.


3.  Update your computer

Don’t ‘try me in an hour’ when your Mac computer asks you to update.  Patches for vulnerabilities are released often so ensure your computer is protected.  Plug it into the power and update now. 


4.  Browse in private

Keep things private by browsing in Incognito Mode.  When you browse privately, no one can see your activity.  Chrome does not save the information you enter into forms, keep your browsing history or keep the cookies and site data. 

How do I activate it?  Click on Chrome’s main menu button, in the upper right corner of the browser.  A drop down menu will appear.  Select New Incognito Window and begin your surfing privately.


5.  Download get2Clouds for transferring large files and chatting in secure messenger

Available for Windows, iOS and Android get2Clouds is your ultimate security application. 

Easily encrypt and sync any cloud provider and protect your data.  Secure messenger, secure cloud, and secure large file transfer.  get2Clouds offers a triple line of defense making interception or access to the data impossible.  Even we, the developer, cannot intercept it.

get2Clouds is your solution to protecting your intellectual property online and in the cloud.