Cloud computing chaos predicted for 2018

Unlock the convenience of the cloud, without leaving your security wide open

One thing is certain when we predict what 2018 will hold in terms of cyber attacks. There will be cloud computing chaos. The main reason is the massive global skills shortage in cloud security staff. Since it is a relatively new phenomenon—and change is the enemy of security and a friend of hackers—an unsecure cloud presents particularly easy pickings that cyber criminals will take full advantage of.  

Organizations are moving full speed ahead with cloud computing, and rightly so. The savings and efficiency benefits are huge. Unfortunately, it’s as dangerous as it is convenient.

The cloud is being so fervently embraced by corporations that it’s estimated that by 2020 a no-cloud policy will be as rare as a no-internet policy is today. But organizations are not setting up the right security policies, processes, or controls for the cloud. This will inevitably lead to lots of easily exploitable vulnerabilities, data breaches, and regulatory compliance violations.

The simplest and most effective way to get all the benefits of cloud computing, with none of the risks is to use get2Clouds®. It works on Windows and across all devices and offers unparalleled security in the cloud. 

To reiterate a point—there is a huge global skills shortage in cloud security. get2Clouds was meticulously designed and developed by experts in cloud security. You don’t need to employ and train more staff on site to know that you’re safe in the cloud. get2Clouds can ensure you are safe because it has been developed by people who know cloud security better than anyone else.

As well as a secure and easy-to-use cloud transfer application, there is an inbuilt E2E encrypted messenger that is packed with features to make communicating with colleagues around the world even easier, and to ensure that all important notifications can reach all the right people at the right time.  Every action that takes place in get2Clouds is encrypted twice, and it comes with a host of other security measures that make it an impossible egg for hackers to crack.