Facebook / Cambridge Analytica scandal shows the power of data

facebook i dont like

Status updates and liking posts on Facebook is part of daily life for most users. People know the site collects and shares their personal data, but don’t see the need to care. What difference does it make if they know everything about my life? I’m just your average Josephine with nothing to hide. But when that harmless data is used to get inside your brain and manipulate your vote on Election Day, it’s evident that storing and selling your data can make a fundamental difference.

Facebook’s stocks are down and even the former CEO of What’sApp is jumping on the #deleteFacebook bandwagon since the mainstream media began reporting on the Facebook / Cambridge Analytica data breach.

In short, Cambridge Analytica brought data from Aleksandr Kogan, a researcher from Cambridge University, who harvested the data via his personality app. This app pulled out the data of not only those who used it, but of all their Facebook friends too.

Cambridge Analytica then used the data to swing the US election by micro targeting voters on Facebook with scare mongering and other psychotically tactics. 

Facebook has since suspended Cambridge Analytica and Kogan from the platform, pending further investigation. Facebook insists Kogan violated its policy by transferring data his app collected to Cambridge Analytica. But this is a pretty run-of-the-mill use case for Facebook data. Micro-targeting is the main use for most data on the social networking site. People who use the site know this. What are Facebook trying to paint as different this time? As long as it’s only Facebook using it, that’s okay? As long as it’s only used to sell products, it’s fine?  The fact is, your data tells more about you than your friends and family can. Than kind of information is dangerous in the wrong hand. In anyone’s hands.  

Data is the new oil. Whoever controls it controls the world, and one social media site controls far too much of it. It really is time to delete Facebook. Take control of your own data. Secure it in the cloud and share it with only people you want. For that, use get2Clouds.