get2Clouds: A secure messenger like no other

Get using get2Clouds secure messenger

While the ease of use gives the secure E2E encrypted messenger in the get2Clouds application a familiar feel, the platform is packed with unique features that set it apart from all other messenger apps.

In creating the get2Clouds messenger, developers at NOS Microsystems were compelled to make a secure and integral communications platform where colleagues and friends could share information and communicate. Security, user confidence, and ease of use were the pillars of its conception. By being irked at what other messenger apps don’t offer, we were able to carve out a superior messenger.


No SIM required. Multiple accounts possible  

For SIM-less devices or to register additional accounts, users can opt to set an anonymous 555 number instead of a mobile phone number. This protects anonymity and means different accounts for business or private. Users can have different accounts for different projects.   


FaceCheck who’s reading the message

Users who want extra confirmation of who is opening a sent file can chose the unique FaceCheck function. This sends a message to the receiver with the FaceCheck symbol. When then click on the message, a selfie is taken of them as they open the device.

time delay

Timed message send and delete

Set a time when you would like a message to be sent. Great for reminders or for international companies who must be considerate of time differences. Also, a timed delete function offers an extra layer of confidentiality.


Protect chat with encryption password

Each individual chat can be further protected with an encryption password. This password should be known to all members of the chat. If the password is lost, it cannot be retrieved. On top of that, individual users can set a four digit chat access pin on their phone. In the event of your phone getting into the wrong hands, the messages cannot be read by anyone else.


Living group chats

The “Living Group Chat” option is a more organic and inclusive space compared to group chat options offered on other messenger apps. With colleagues coming and going, and changing projects, Living Group Chat is a space where all important memos can reach all the relevant people at the right time.

There is no “group admin” with this messenger. Any user can add new people, and people can leave at will. These chats are constantly evolving, just like business. If you don’t want every message sent to every member in the group, simply long press the message sending button and select to whom you’d like the message to go.