Private Cloud Technology


What is NAS?

NAS is short for Network Attached Storage, which is essentially secure, on-site data storage, it is somewhere between a hard-drive and cloud storage, giving you the best of both worlds. Cloud providers do offer private cloud options, where a cloud platform is dedicated to a single organisation. But with NAS the data is hosted internally and the cloud user knows the exact physical location of your data centre, meaning physical dangers can be better controlled and eliminated. A processor, memory and space for hard-drive storage are part of a NAS system and are usually connected to a local network so that it can also be accessed remotely by devices which are connected to it.

Which Private Cloud Option Should I Choose?

Deciding between a NAS system and a private cloud (or public) option from a cloud provider like Amazon, Microsoft or Google involves answering one main question: do you want your data stored by a third party or do you want it in your own backyard? The second question to answer comes down to expense; although probably the more secure option (especially when restricted solely to your own network), setting up your NAS system can be costly, but maintaining it will be far cheaper than services from a cloud provider. Plus, if the NAS system can be accessed over the public internet, it runs security risks too.

When choosing a cloud provider it’s imperative to look through their terms and conditions, to find out exactly what could happen to your files, where and how they will be stored and what else the cloud provider may do with your data.

Protecting Your NAS

When paying for a cloud service, backups will usually be included, but when managing your own data storage with a NAS-based private cloud system, you will have to consider how and where you will back up data to. Many NAS devices have multiple drives so backup solutions are built in, but these won’t protect against losing or damage being done to the device itself.

Cloud Encryption

If you encrypt your data before syncing it with the cloud, neither hackers nor cloud providers will be able to look at any of your files. Encryption cannot stop data breach incidents, but when a data breach occurs, stolen data that has been encrypted will not be compromised.


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