Don’t Put Your Data At Risk


Increasingly more companies are using the cloud to store customer data. Although this may reduce costs and bring many other advantages to the business, there are also huge risks involved with storing sensitive customer data in this way.

When new technologies are adopted, hackers will inevitably have a field day getting to know what weaknesses the new technology has, where they might be able to penetrate the system and ultimately exploiting the new technology in any way they can before security improves.

Cloud technology is currently in this stage. Although it is no longer something new, cyber criminals can take advantage of the fact that many of us are embracing the cloud without fully knowing what security measures should be taken when storing our data remotely.

A good example of the danger of cloud computing without the proper security was the ‘Celebgate’ hack of the summer of 2014, where 100s of high-profile celebrities’ personal photos were released online. Among the celebrities involved were Kirsten Dunst, Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton and Ariana Grande, some of whom since denied that the photos were authentic. Although it was unsure exactly where photos had been stolen from, there were speculations that they could have come from a huge iCloud or Dropbox hack. Regardless of provider, such a notorious hack proved that storing data in the cloud is not secure.

The main risk of the cloud is that many people use it without weighing up the risk. If you’re storing company data in the cloud without encrypting it first, you are putting documents, customer information and other business secrets at risk.

People should change their attitude to the cloud. We should assume that anything we do inside the cloud has already been compromised, and secure our data accordingly. Because data breaches cannot always be stopped it’s imperative to have other security measures in place.

Encrypting data in the cloud means that if anything does get stolen, it will not be compromised.

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