App FAQs

Q1. How can I send a large file?
Open get2Clouds® app and click < File Transfer >. Choose a cloud service provider and sign in to your cloud. Choose to send the file via email or via E2E Messenger. Fill in the details of your transfer; the name of the receiver, a message to include with the file. Click < Choose > to select the file you’d like to send. Press < Start Upload > to send the file.
Q2. How do I encrypt and synchronize data to my cloud?
Create a profile in Private Cloud or Corporate Cloud, depending on whether you’re using your personal or business cloud. Simply hit the sync button to encrypt and upload your device files to your cloud. These files are now encrypted in a secure format. There is an option to clear these files if you wish to remove them from the cloud completely.
Q3. How do I contact someone using the messenger?
First, register your number. You can use your actual number or, if you prefer or are using a device without a SIM, create a 555 number. Once your number is registered click < New Message > and choose from your contacts. If you’d like to see which of your contacts is already using get2Clouds® E2E Secured Messenger, click the get2Clouds® icon on the top right of the contact list.
Q4. Which cloud services are supported by get2Clouds®?
get2Clouds® is compatible with Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, Microsoft OneDrive, MagentaCLOUD, and SugarSync. More cloud providers will be added soon.
Q5. Is my data safe and secure?
Yes. get2Clouds® uses state-of-the-art encryption. The data is sent via secure socket layer (https) and you create your own personal encryption password.
Q6. How do I ensure my password is secure?
It is recommended to include both upper and lower case letters, at least one special character and one or more numbers, and it should be at least eight characters long. Combining two or more unrelated words is also a good method to use. A helpful way to memorize a complex password is to remember a sentence like ‘This year I go to Italy on Friday July 6!’ and use the first characters as the actual password. In this case ‘TyIgtIoFJ6!’. This method even helps against shoulder surfing. See for detailed information.
Q7. Can I see who reads messages I send using the messenger?
Yes. You can send someone a SelfieCheckr message and they can’t see the content unless they send a Selfie straight back. To do this, click the purple SelfieCheckr icon on the far right under the chat bubble. Or, to send someone a Selfie via SelfieCheckr, click the blue SelfieCheckr icon second from the right within the chat bubble.